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Dynamic Inventory Ads

Showcase your vehicles directly on Facebook & Instagram Feeds

The Best Facebook Advertising for Dealers

You don't have to wait for customers to find your dealership on Google, and you don't have to compete in the price race to the bottom on third party listing sites! Use Dynamic Inventory Ads and Oracle data to get your inventory in front of local in-market shoppers where the majority of their attention is: Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike traditional social media advertising, our campaigns are optimized to drive leads to your CRM and ultimately increase sales for your dealership, not just generate likes, comments, and page follows.

Our Dealers 

  • Complete VIN-specific leads to CRM

  • VDP traffic from active car shoppers

  • Sales Influence Report to measure ROI


Our Strategy

Put the right vehicles in front of the right shopper

In-Market Audiences


Lead Capture to CRM

Sales Influence Report


ShapeShift Group was born out of my own frustrations with how terrible the offerings on the market were for the most powerful ad platform ever: Facebook Ads.

The automotive marketing landscape is filled with giant companies running cookie-cutter campaigns for thousands of dealerships and agencies that have no business working with car dealers due to a lack of knowledge of the industry.

I don't want hundreds of clients. We don't offer dozens of products. I want to work closely with a handful of dealerships and apply my expertise on the platforms I know will drive SIGNIFICANT RESULTS and GROW YOUR SALES month over month, year over year.

-Sam Khuc, Founder



Before launching ShapeShift Group, Sam ran ad campaigns for the most innovative dealerships and largest media companies in the industry.


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