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Vehicle Buyback Ads

Skip the auctions and acquire vehicles directly from consumers

Source Inventory From Local Private Sellers

If you're tired of competing at the auctions, it's time to go direct-to-consumer and acquire your inventory from local private sellers looking to sell their car! Beat your competitors to the punch by reaching them first on the social networks they check frequently. You can even choose to go after certain vehicles you are looking to acquire, or leave it open and generate as many leads as possible!

If your dealership is starving for inventory, Facebook and Instagram are the best way to quickly start generating leads from your local community.

Our Dealers 

  • Buyback leads to CRM

  • Reaching car sellers first on social media

  • Setting vehicle criteria to target

  • High converting ad copy via ChatGPT 


Our Strategy

Source only the vehicles you want to acquire


Vehicle Age



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